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On my blog you can find stories, talks and workshops relating to content marketing, PR, and the art of storytelling. I also like to write an occasional thought piece, so you can enjoy that as well.


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No inspiration? No problem.


Inspiration is a fleeting thing, as most of you know, but a content calendar and post schedule rarely wait for you to be inspired to write. How do you write when you really have to and you are not feeling it? You master the art of structuring your article, and you rely on that to convey the information you have in an engaging tone.


How to edit articles for your company blog


Sometimes writing your own stories is much easier than having to edit someone’s. It’s a fine balancing act; giving constructive, actionable feedback to your author, without damaging their own style. The story you are editing needs to be engaging, in line with the business aims (if on a corporate blog), and maintain the unique style of the author. It’s a tough job. I want to share with you what I have learnt during¬†my editing days.


The forgotten art of empathy in customer marketing


At WordCamp London I talked about empathy, what it is, why it’s important and how to integrate it into your marketing. Oftentimes people forget that what’s most important is connecting to each other, and for your business it pays off to invest more time in connecting to your customers. My talk will show you a few ways of how to do just that.


The irresistible power of strategic storytelling


Last weekend I held my first storytelling workshop in my hometown at #WCBGD. I was flattered to see over 50 people at my workshop, and in this post I want to share with you what my workshop is all about, as well as some of the student’s impressions.

So, let’s uncover the mystery. Why are strategic stories so irresistibly powerful?


A poem to our pets


This is a poem that my step mother wrote about our pets, and since I moved away I have been missing them, so I thought it appropriate to share them with you. Maybe this way I will miss them less.


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